The new Hodariyat Bridge will connect the Abu Dhabi western coastline to the Hodariyat Island coastline. The 1.3 km-long bridge crossing provides a 29m vertical clearance for the 170m-wide navigation channel. The superstructure carries six lanes of traffic and two walkways. It consists of a 36m-wide single cell concrete box girder with stiffening struts inside and outside the box. The 200m-long main span is supported by a single plane of stay cables within the bridge median. The foundations consist of 1.2m and 1.5m diameter drilled shafts socketed into the bedrock. The 55m-long approach spans are built by incremental launching from the abutments, while the main spans are built in balanced cantilever with precast concrete segments.
Owner: Tourism Development & Investment Company
Design/Build Contractor: Overseas AST / VSL Joint Venture
Bridge Design Consultant: International Bridge Technologies, Inc.
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